Work Hard, Play Hard, Fly High

Every day of the week you can find any member of the Roger’s Plumbing team hard at work. Whether it’s our techs out in the field, or our great ladies here in the office, we’re always doing our best for the Cedar Park community. While we all have a great relationship here in the office, I got to thinking about how much fun an out-of-office getaway for the team could be.


Nature and Fun Go Hand-in-Hand

What greater team activity for a Texas company like Roger’s Plumbing than zip-lining thru the canopies of Cypress Valley? Not only is the scenery breathtaking, but it allows us to be outdoors and really enjoy nature and the fresh air. I really think that this would allow all of us to display our personalities outside of work as well. Not that we don’t have a good time at work, but every company needs a chance to blow off some steam and face any fears with fun.


Spending Time Together Strengthens Bonds

Zip-lining as a group would eliminate our routine responsibility and just allow us to bask in the entertainment of the day. We would also get to spend an entire day with each other, which never happens during the workweek.

I think an awesome goal for 2016 would be to take the staff for a day of challenge and change at Cypress Valley. So then – how will you put some “zip” into your New Year?