Why Us

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Technician Seal of Safety

Our Round Rock plumbers and Austin plumbers proudly wear a seal of safety on our sleeves, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing the technician that arrives at your home as been background checked and drug tested. We want to make sure our customers can trust our technicians whenever they come into your home. There are many other plumbing companies that do not have our high standards and do not perform background checks or drug tests on their staff. At Roger’s plumbing, we hold our team to a higher standard by making sure you feel secure with our staff. Whenever you choose Roger’s Plumbing, you’re choosing a company that you can trust! Give us a call today for your first estimate on your next plumbing project.

Happy Today or You Don’t Pay

One of our values is “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” which is about Roger’s Plumbing and our Round Rock plumbers being passionate about the services we provide. Our focus is not about being the biggest company in town, it is about giving you the highest level of service that you deserve. Our plumbers will stay at your home until you are 100% happy with the work we do. If we ever fail to deliver on our promise, you don’t have to pay for the service. It can’t get better than that! You may be wondering why we offer such a great deal? Here at Roger’s Plumbing it’s our heart to deliver the highest quality plumbing services at a fair price. We believe that in business, the customer is ultimately the head of the company. Like Sam Walton said, “There is only one boss. The customer. And the customer can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending their money somewhere else.” With this in mind, we make sure our customers don’t pay us anything if they are unsatisfied. If you are looking for a plumbing company that has your best interests in mind, then call Roger’s Plumbing today. You’ll be glad that you did.

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Integrity is one of the most important values in our Round Rock plumbers organization. We understand integrity as simply following through with what we said we would originally set out to do. It means that we never operate outside of our core values, and make sure our customers are treated right. Our integrity carries over into how we do everything here at Roger’s Plumbing. We are committed to providing our customers with the very best customer service, which is why we have such high standards for our techs. When you work with us, you won’t be working with someone obsessed with upselling you parts or materials that you don’t need. You will be working with a highly trained and skilled technician who works hard to deliver the best solution to you. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford the total cost of your repair, we will help you all we can with financing to make sure your problem is solved. Call Roger’s Plumbing today to work with the team committed.



We understand the negative reputation that many companies have. We have heard our customers tell us that before working with our Round Rock plumbers, they felt like they may have been taken advantage of with unnecessary upsells or steep pricing. We want our customers to know that whenever they work with us, we will always be honest with them. Honesty is laden throughout our entire culture. For example, when it comes to pricing we will always be able to let you know how much the total will be before our technicians start the job. We offer upfront, flat-rate pricing so that you never feel like your taken advantage of. If you are tired of working with the plumbing companies that offer hourly pricing, where you can never tell whether or not they are making a job take longer than it should, then give us a call today. We commit to be honest with you in our word and in our deeds.


Doesn’t it seem like plumbing problems always come at the worst timing? Believe us when we say our Round Rock plumbers understand your frustration. Because plumbing problems happen whenever you least expect it, you need a dependable plumber who can take care of you quickly. At Roger’s Plumbing, we commit to being dependable in every situation, which is why we offer emergency services. Furthermore, with our customer care club you can be sure that you’ll be able to avoid problems. By joining our customer care club, you will be given the first priority when scheduling. This means that we will put you ahead of the line to get your plumbing issue solved first. Call Roger’s Plumbing today if you need a plumber whenever it matters the most!

Customer Satisfaction

If you haven’t seen it on our website already, our Round Rock plumbers are passionate about making sure our customers are satisfied. With our “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” trademarked guarantee we want our customers to know that they are always the first priority. Our guarantee states that if you are not entirely satisfied with our service, then you don’t pay! We want our customers to know that they can trust the work and service that we provide them. This guarantee also holds us accountable to providing you with the very best service every time. If you have been searching “plumbers near me” in Leander with no luck, reach out to Roger’s Plumbing today and we’ll take care of you!

Team Work

Without a stable team working together and looking out for each other, a company cannot function well. We have teamwork as one of our most important values because of how much we value our team members. We have found that when a team works well together, the company runs much better. Our team is trained to work with all departments in our organization with a goal to provide you the very best service. Give us a call today if you are ready to experience one of the best most hardest working teams in the Austin area!