What To Do When Your Drains Complain

Let’s face the cold hard facts about drain abuse. It happens all too often, and we see it every day on the job with Roger’s Plumbing. The worst part of drain abuse is denying there’s a problem and that today’s “state-of-the-art” drains can handle bacon grease and coffee grounds, right? Wrong.

Some homeowners, on the other hand, believe they are the best handyman on the planet! Clogged drains? No problem. A little drain cleaner will do the trick, and the more the better. But many drain clogs are impervious to chemicals. What’s worse is that an overdose of drain cleaner can corrode sewage pipes or destroy the waste-eating bacteria in a septic tank.


Don’t Flush Away Your Troubles

Are you confusing your toilet with the garbage disposal? Think about it: any object which you attempt to flush must pass through your toilet’s sewage pipe and from there the main household drain of your home. Toilet paper will break down as it makes the great voyage into the unknown. Other items, such as wads of paper towel or your kids’ no longer wanted pet turtle, will not. Disposing of these things correctly avoids clogged drains.


Avoid Hair-Raising Problems

When it comes to bathroom drains, an overabundance of hair, whether canine or human, can lead to a hair-raising problem: a clogged drain. For about a dollar, you can buy a shower or sink strainer. If you bathe your pup in the tub, give Fido a good brushing — outdoors if possible — before he’s bathed, and this will reduce the amount of fur he sheds in the tub.


Danger, Danger!!

Clogged drains don’t just happen. Many times, there’s warning signs! If you have a toilet that backs up when flushed or drains more slowly than usual, often grumbling and gurgling along the way, take heed! Water that appears in unexpected places, such as washing machine drainage that ends up in your bathtub, that’s another signal. These problems will not just go away but will in almost every case get worse. It may be time to face your greatest fear of all… calling a professional plumber.


Put Your Fears Aside

Do you have an irrational fear of plumbing? Do you keep ignoring the warning signs and hope that problems will clear up on their own? Face your fears, stand out of the way, and let a professional solve that problem. In addition to expertise, Roger’s Plumbing also offers Upfront Pricing, which means once the diagnosis is done, no work begins until you say so. Plus, we offer financing if it turns into a big job. Once a professional clears out that drain and things are running smoothly again, we’re sure you’ll agree: plumbers can be the greatest thing since, um, indoor plumbing!