Useful Info When Using Soft Water

What is soft water? Basically, this is when many different metals are removed from the water in your home. These metals are things like magnesium and calcium. People will have this done to their water to help make their plumbing last much longer and it also makes the water more compatible with different soaps and shampoos. Some say it is even better on your skin and not as harsh.


Recommendations on Using Conditioned Water

Conditioned water is also known as soft water. You can have your local plumber condition the water in your home. Leander water conditioning is one of the services Roger’s Plumbing provides and they can condition your water at any time. Once you have had it conditioned, they give you some helpful tips.

When choosing a soap to use in the shower or the bath, use pure soaps. It is important to use soaps with no dyes or chemicals in them. The dyes and chemicals in soaps and shampoos work better with hard water. For this reason, professionals suggest the purest of soaps and other bath and shower products after your water conditioning unit is running. After you have had your water softened, professionals suggest that you stop using fabric softeners, as well. The main reason that people use fabric softeners is to make their clothes softer. Hard water does the exact opposite. It hardens your clothes when they are in the washer. Once you have soft water, you can pretty much eliminate the use of fabric softeners all together, saving time & buildup in and on your appliances.


Using Your Dishwasher With Conditioned Water

When you have had your water conditioned, your dishwasher can change drastically and instantly. Some people find that their dishwasher will begin to scrape and scratch their dishes after their water has been conditioned. This could be for many reasons. If you are using a dishwashing detergent that is high in phosphates, this works against the soft water. This is partly the cause of your dishes being scratched up. Another way to avoid your dishes being scratched and scraped is by using the drying cycle that contains no heat at all. Also, professionals suggest that you use less soap in the dishwasher or when washing your dishes by hand. Just like in the shower or bath, the soap will work even better with your soft water. Once you use less of it, you will see a great improvement in how clean your dishes are.

By following all of these helpful and insightful steps, you can see quite a noticeable difference in your clothing, dishes, and shower. You will also notice that your skin and hair feel a lot different after your water has been conditioned. Your hair and skin will feel much softer and you will actually save money on the amount of soaps, detergents, and fabric softeners that you use in the house. Talk to a professional, like a Roger’s Plumbing technician, to get more details. The price that you pay to have your water conditioned will be well worth it when you realize just how many advantages softer waste has to offer.