Signs It May Be Time for A New Commode

Does it appear your toilet came from another era? Is it a lovely hue of sky blue, or peachy pink, or even olive green? Has the toilet needed a lot of repairs or has your water bill gotten higher? These are all questions you ask when it comes to the decision of purchasing a new commode. A new commode could mean a more comfortable visit when you are using the facilities. It might be time for an upgrade and a visit with one of the professional teams of plumbers in Leander, especially if you have any of the following issues.


Too Many Repairs

If you have made too many repairs over the past several years, the toilet might need a replacement. As a tank gets older, the parts can become damaged from minerals or other deposits in the water. Depending on how old the tank is, you might not be able to get the parts for it anymore. Making so many repairs can add up quickly, and it might be much easier on your budget if you replace the entire toilet fixture.


Poor Water Efficiency

You may notice a substantial rise in your water bill during the year. Is the toilet using too much water when it flushes? The toilets manufactured before the 1980s have a tank of approximately 3.6 gallon capacity for each flush. The size of the water storage was lowered under the Energy Policy Act of 1992 to a 1.6-gallon standard capacity. The development of low-flow toilets or high-efficiency toilets (HET) was mandated by the act for water conservation.


A Cracked Toilet

The toilet is damaged with cracks and dings. The age of the tank begins to show with a small crack in the surface. It might not seem like much when you notice the crack or ding, but it could lead to leaks that can damage the flooring as time passes. If you see mold growth around the base, it is probably time for a new commode unit.


An Outdated Toilet

Toilet Repair Austin - Old Toilet

The toilet is old and outdated with a color scheme or coral or avocado from the 1960s and 1970s. Unless you are going for a dated look, it is time for a replacement. You will find the older models also take more water to flush and take longer to fill.


A Clogged Toilet Again

If it takes more than one flush to get the job done and you are spending extra time plunging the tank, it could be time for a newer model.


The Water Is Constantly Running

All you can hear in the middle of the night is running water. If you get up and shake the toilet handle, it might stop. Unfortunately, the real issue is the flapper which is not expensive but can cause a lot of concerns. It may take a trained eye to see the tiny leaks around the edges of the float which can cause your disrupted sleep.

These are just a few signs you might need a new toilet. If you are not good with DIY projects, contact a professional plumber. Installing a new toilet might be best left to a licensed plumber unless you have sufficient knowledge of how it is done.