Sent to Spread the Message

I think Little Texas said it best when they sang, “God blessed Texas with his own hand.” I love my state, and I love my communities of Cedar Park and Leander. Sure, Austin is coined as the city that keeps it weird, but there really is a great amount of diversity that keeps people here, and recently, keeps people moving here.

That is another reason I love this area; it seems that the communities continue to grow over the years, through the good and the bad. In Leander, we are seeing this more than ever!

With the employment rate staying at a high level, and the housing market booming, it seems that there are more and more people calling Cedar Park and Leander home in the last few years. While some people are opposed to this rapid growth, I think an upside is that so many others are seeing the same great qualities in the areas that I have called home forever.

Plus, who doesn’t love a mild winter? No snow seems like a pretty good trade for the heat, because here in Texas we can take the heat! Sometimes I feel I have been sent to spread the message.

So raise a glass, and join me in this toast…”God bless Texas!”