Remaking Your Austin Yard Into The Yard Of Your Dreams

Let’s be honest, we Austinites are incredibly lucky: we live in a beautiful landscape with rolling hills, green grass, and shady trees (we also have barbecue that other cities dream about). Also – unlike in more crowded, more expensive cities (I’m looking at you, New York and San Francisco), most Austinites have yards that are big enough to reflect the natural beauty of the area. If you are looking for creative ways to bring out the full potential of your Leander area yard, you are in luck! This article will highlight several landscaping ideas that Austin homeowners can take advantage of.


Make Sure Your Yard Is In Tip Top Shape

Before you begin a major upgrade, it is a good idea to do some yard maintenance, to make sure your property is free of any problems, or potential problems. This might necessitate a call to the professionals, but trust us, it’s worth it. If there are any dead trees, have them removed. Not only are they eyesores– they could actually pose a danger to your home and family (not to mention your neighbors). It is also important to make sure that everything is OK underground. There may be hidden dangers in your yard that you were not even aware of. For example, we all know that an Leander sewage backup can result from clogged sewage lines and improper waste disposal, but did you know that tree roots can be a major cause of sewage backup as well? The roots can interfere with the sewer lines in your yard, causing major problems for you. The good news is that with close inspection and the right expertise, you can stop this problem before it even starts.

Austin Sewage Backup Plants In Drain


Beautify Your Yard With Water Features

Water is an important feature of the Leander landscape. Not only that, it is an essential part of our lifestyle. On any given warm day, you can find Austinites kayaking, boating, fishing and swimming in Lake Travis, or one of the many other lakes that dot our beautiful landscape. And water can be an important part of your personal landscape as well. Adding a fountain, a small waterfall, or even a small pond can make your yard that much more unique and exciting. Many homeowners find that such fixtures add a sense of tranquility to the property, in addition to the beauty. And you can customize your water fixture to match your own personal style. If you are an art lover, try purchasing a fountain that involves sculpture. If meditation is more your thing, try adding a relaxing koi pond.


Beautify Your Yard With Stone

A few stones can go a long way to beautifying your yard. Stone paths are very popular, and add a look of sturdy elegance to your property. If – like many Austinites – you own an in-ground swimming pool, adding rock features around the pool can make it look more natural and eye-catching than cement. Additionally, adding rocks and gravel to strategic areas of your yard can help break up the monotony, making your Leander area yard a more varied and beautiful place.