Questions Help Solve Low Pressure Issues. The Proper Remedy Can Be Employed Right Away.

Low water pressure can be an issue that sneaks up on a homeowner gradually, or it can come on suddenly. Either way, there’s a problem that needs to be expertly diagnosed, ensuring the proper remedy can be employed right away. Getting all the fixtures in a home operating back to normal is a priority, for us as much as the home owner.


Check With Neighbors

When we get a call about low water pressure, we start asking lots of questions. The first one is whether the low pressure is present at one fixture only, such as in a sink or bathroom, or whether it seems to be an issue throughout the entire home. If it’s a whole-home issue, one easy question we ask is if other homes in the neighborhood are experiencing the same problem. One of the first things we do when we arrive at a home with low pressure throughout the house is check with a neighbor and ask to test their outside faucet to measure their water pressure. If theirs is low as well, then that could suggest a problem with the water main supplying that whole area.


Cleaning Can Really Help

If there’s just one fixture like a faucet or shower head with low pressure, that could be something like an aerator that’s clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced, or calcium buildup that has to be cleaned. Sometimes it really is as simple as cleaning or replacing.


Consider the PRV

For low pressure throughout the whole house, which affects your toilets and hot water heater as well, one potential problem is the pressure reducing valve, (PRV) that most homes in Leander have that keeps your water pressure limited to about 75 pounds of pressure. Those valves will wear out and one of the symptoms of wear is that they limit water coming into the home more than they should. The fixes for those can vary, based on where they’re located, and the further out and deeper down you have to dig to get to them can really add to the cost of addressing that issue. As your Leander plumber, we understand budgets. We always try to address any concerns you may have, and get your plumbing system fixed and operating correctly without breaking the bank.

No matter what, when a homeowner is experiencing low water pressure, we encourage them to look around, ask questions, and do their own detective work so they can work with us to quickly diagnose the problem.