Pulp Friction – Beware Of Pumpkin Guts This Halloween!

Plumber In Austin Pumpkin Guts In Sink

Whether you’re making pumpkin pies, carving jack-o-lanterns, or making your own pumpkin-spice flavored latte’s, potpourri or whatever, keep the pumpkin pulp away from your sinks! The stringy pulp, large seeds, and goop can clog your drains and even damage your garbage disposal!

It’s more than a slimy, this stuff is a nightmare!


Here’s our advice if you’re “dead set” on carving pumpkins or gourds this Halloween:

Instead of a carving board, use a thick bed of newspapers. That way, you can wrap up the pumpkin innards and toss them in the trash, the compost pile, or separate the seeds for roasting or planting!
Never use the sink, garbage disposal or toilet as a place to discard seeds or pulp. The pulp can harden inside the sewer, drain, or disposal and do enough damage that it may break your disposal unit!
If you plant the seeds, you can start growing NEXT year’s pumpkin patch! And if you toast them, don’t worry. Just like watermelon seeds, you won’t grow a pumpkin inside your body. Now THAT would be SCARY!

Finally, if you do have scary plumbing problems, who you gonna call?

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