Making a Difference, Making Wishes Come True

A very wise person I know who encounters a lot of small business owners like myself once commented, “There are three things you can make in business: you can make money, you can make a name for yourself, and you can make a difference. All three are important, but you have to decide where the most focus will be.”

I have always found it important not only to be involved in the community, but also to give back when you can. There are so many great causes out there today, that it is hard to chose one, unless you are directly connected to one in some aspect. While I was making money and a name for myself, and still deciding how I would make a difference, friend invited me to a very special dinner event organized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For those who don’t know, this is a great foundation that allows terminally ill children to actualize their wishes or dreams. At the dinner, people shared stories on why the foundation is so important and they also showed a few videos. One of these videos was extremely emotional, and sad, and it really touched my heart. I knew that I would be supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation from that point forward.

That was fairly recently, but our efforts to raise money for the cause include campaigns on the website, via email, and on Facebook throughout the year. And one of the things I like about this organization is that money is often raised in extraordinary ways. Sure, there are the Fun Runs and 10-K races, but we recently raised $1,500 doing an event where we repelled off of the high rise W Hotel in downtown Leander. Now, THAT was exhilarating! And if I can do it while helping someone else? Count me in!

How about you? Where is your focus? Take it from me, firsthand: while it makes sense to succeed and make money, and there’s a sense of satisfaction in making a name, what we’re really put here to do is make a difference.

Rogers Plumbing is always happy to give back to the community. For more info please contact your local plumber today.