Is Your Home Due For New Pipes?

Plumber In Austin Old Pipes

This area of Central Texas is in state of constant growth. New houses and condos are cropping up week after week! But there are still plenty of fixer-upper older homes to be had, and if you believe what you often see on cable TV, they’re a cinch to “flip!” If you’ve recently purchased an older home or have been living in your home since before to 1970, it is very important to have a licensed master plumber take a look at the home’s pipes.


Lead Astray?

If the home pre-dates 1970, you should be aware that pipes were often made out of lead, which are tremendous health hazards. Water passing through lead pipes isn’t harmful since it doesn’t have time to absorb the lead. What is dangerous is when the water is stagnant in the pipes, waiting for someone to turn it on. That can happen when the home has been on the market for a while and unoccupied. When the water sits it begins to absorb the lead, and as a person later goes to get a drink or take a shower, they are exposed to the lead which is very harmful to their health. It is particularly bad for children under the age of five, as we’ve unfortunately learned with Flint, Michigan; the lead can cause greater harm to the growing bodies of younger children.



Even if the pipes aren’t lead, you may not be in the clear. Other pipes made before 1970 were made out of galvanized iron, and often coated with zinc. The zinc wears off over time, causing the iron to rust and corrode. This not only causes discoloration of the water, it can also affect water pressure, causing it to drop. Lower pressure rust and corrosion also damages water-using appliances, such as the dishwasher or washing machine.


Hard Water & Minerals

Here in Central Texas, we have extremely hard water, meaning our water has a high mineral content. The build-up of minerals can cause pipes to wear out sooner than other areas of the country. A way you can be alerted to the build-up of minerals and sediment is when water tends to drain slower than usual.


How New Pipes Are Different and Better

Getting new pipes for your home is like getting a new circulation system! Today’s pipes are mostly PVC, (polyvinyl chloride). The flexible and rigid pipes are made of a widely produced polymer which has been widely used for many years without the drawbacks of older metals.

If you suspect that your older home may need new pipes, call a master plumber for an inspection. Here at Roger’s Plumbing, we can not only tell you what kind of pipes your home has, but how soon they may need to be replaced, if at all. You may just need to add a filtration system for your home.

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