Getting Sediment-al

It’s February, and time to get sentimental. However, we at Roger’s Plumbing thought we might get “sedimental” instead, and warn you about dangers to your water heater – particularly if you want to treat yourself to a luxurious hot bath for Valentine’s Day!

Sediment, also known as scale, forms when hard water is heated. It builds up in the base of the tank, eating away at the protective anode. Sediment also causes the bottom of the water heater to overheat. This melts away the protective gas lining inside gas water heaters, and for the lower element to be covered in electric water heaters and eventually burn out.

Sediment build up is the most common reason we get calls from harried homeowners that thee bottom of their water heater has collapsed and now leak rusty water all over their garage. The bottom literally dropped out!

Destruction from sediment can also void the warranty on your water heater.

Internal rust is also a threat to water heaters. Here’s the deal: inside each water heater is something called a sacrificial anode. They’re called that because they literally waste away and give up their lives in the service of your water heater! Now that’s dedication! Anodes protect your water heater from rust but if they are not replaced before they turn into spindly useless things, the tank will rust and collapse.

And here’s more bad news: if you have a water softener, it could speed up the process of the deterioration of the anode. So, if you have a water heater that’s supposed to last six years, you may not want to wait six years to check out how the anode is doing. You should have it checked every year or at least every other year.

A great option for homeowners with water softeners is to replace your sacrificial anode with a powered anode. It’s a permanent replacement for the sacrificial type and will not get used up.

Remember, Central Texas is riddled with limestone caves and quarries, and hard water is a way of life around here. If your home has a water softener, it may be shortening the life of your water heater. Better call in an expert to check your water heater to make sure it can provide years of service, getting you into hot water anytime you want!

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