Small business is also another term for family business, and the Patterson family is undoubtedly intertwined in the story of Roger’s Plumbing. In fact, my children, Justin and Lacey, have grown up with the company as part of their lives and have learned so much about how the business world works. Both of them always seemed to have an interest and appreciation for what their dad did for a living. I remember when Justin was about 8 years old and it was Take Your Child To Work Day, so I took him to a plumbing repair in Leander, where he could get a look at what we do. He got to walk all around and underneath that plumbing and see how everything works up close, and I think that’s when it really registered with him what it was I did every day when I went to work.



Seeing that running a plumbing business was hard work made an impression on both Lacey and Justin, and we made sure they both appreciated a job well done, whether it came to their chores or school work. I see a self-awareness and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction now with Justin, as he’s 25 and making his way in his own career as a salesman for a clothing company, and with Lacey, who’s now 19, and setting out on her own. Whether or not they ever get the entrepreneurial bug to start their own enterprise, it’s nice to know that by building a strong business over the course of their lifetimes, I’ve helped ensure their success as well.