Easily Fixed Toilet Troubles

There are quite a few problems that are very common with toilets in the home. A lot of homeowners would like to do the repairs themselves, in order to save some money on the repairs. If you are unaware of how to do any of your own toilet repairs, there is help and a few professional plumbers can explain to you the most common problems and what you can do to fix them.


Flushing Problems That Are Common

If you have started to experience one or more of the different types of flushing problems, an Leander plumber can make a few suggestions for you. If your toilet is flushing strong as usual, but with too much of a fast drop, you have a problem. This is one of the most common toilet problems, actually. If you can locate the flapper valve, you are halfway to repairing this problem. If you are having this happen, the flapper valve either needs to be replaced or just needs to be put back in the correct position. If you are unsure of how to do this without making a bigger mess, it is time to call your local plumber for assistance.

Another flushing problem that is very common is phantom flushing. You may think you have a ghost in your home, but really you just have a slight problem inside of the toilet. This means that your water tank could have a leak and that is what is causing it to flush on its own. If you have food coloring in your home, you can test it by pouring the food coloring into the toilet tank. Wait for about 30 seconds and if the color changes, you have a leak in your toilet. Replacing the flapper valve can also repair this problem if the leak isn’t too big. If you have a larger leak, chances are you need to call your plumber so that they can do some major repairs.


Tank Problems That Happen Often

Many homeowners not only have flushing problems, but they also have tank problems. A whistling toilet tank can be one of these problems. This is telling you that you have a problem with one of the valves in the tank. This can be easily replaced, but your local plumber suggests that you should have a professional do it for you. Plumbers suggest that you can have a Fluidmaster valve installed to help alleviate this problem.

If you hear dripping coming from your toilet, you may be facing a siphon problem. A new tank valve is the only way to fix this problem, but it is fairly easy to do on your own and will cost very little and take up very little of your time.

All of these problems are so common that they are easy to repair if you know your way around tools and toilets. If you are absolutely unsure how to do any of these repairs, call on your local plumber put to use all of their help and knowledge. Paying a plumber to do it quickly and correctly the first time around can save money in the long run, not to mention time, hassles, and clean-up.