Drip. Drip. Drip.

It’s not just annoying, it could be a symptom of a bigger problem! “Drip, drip, drip, drip…”

We get several types of calls in our industry, but I am often asked what people call about the most. I would say that this would have to be people calling in regards to water drips from their faucets, or leaks elsewhere in their home. The constant ‘drip’ ‘drip’ ‘drip’ can be like the old Chinese Water Torture when you’re trying to sleep, but left as is, leaking water from washing machines, or dishwashers are small problems that can escalate to large, costly repairs. Then there’s the whole issue of wasting water, which in our drought-striken area is tantamount to a mortal sin!

After finding out that I am a plumber in Leander Texas, people also ask me about water pressure and water heaters. In regards to water pressure, people want to know what the pressure is supposed to be, and how to test the pressure. As far as water heaters, people want to know how long they usually last, and when it might be time to replace their existing one. While I could easily answer some of these questions, I always tell them they should call a plumber to be on the safe side if they think there might be something wrong. I even tell them I will give them $45 off if they follow through with that call with us!

Sometimes striking up a conversation with a plumber can be a flood of useful information!