Customer Feedback Matters – Why We Need to Hear From You

Good or bad, one thing we love here at Roger’s Plumbing is when we hear from our customers and they tell us about the job we’re doing. A simple bit of feedback on whether we properly explained the plumbing issue to the homeowner and communicated all the options for fixing the problem – be it a leaky faucet, toilet or a damaged water heater – tells the folks in charge of running the business whether our techs are following through on their training.

Plumbing Austin - Customer Feedback


Keeping It Simple

We try to make it as easy as possible to give us that valuable feedback by including a detachable comment card on all of our invoices, and customers are also encouraged to give us a rating and share their stories on online forums such as Angie’s List, Yelp! and Google+. Receiving a Super Service award from Angie’s List is something we wear as a badge of honor. We monitor all the customer input about our service that we can find, and use it to make improvements or just pass along word of a job well done to techs who have received praise from our customers.


Training Counts

We feel that what really separates us from other competitors in the Leander plumbing world is massive amounts of training that our techs go through, both so they know how to handle and fix pretty much any issue they encounter in a home, but also so they can properly listen and communicate with the homeowner.


Good Listening Matters

Taking the time to listen closely when we first get into the home – at a time when the homeowner is flustered or panicked and needs to be heard – is an often overlooked key factor of providing excellent service. Our technicians each do more than 100 hours of training per year, but we also have to remember that we’re in the people business and we need to fix the whole issue of whatever home we enter. Hearing from our customers on whether we’re making good on that promise is a huge help in the process of improving and building our business. That’s why we welcome and say “Thank you!” every time someone takes the time to give us his or her thoughts on our work, our technicians, and our company.