Common Plumbing Mistakes You Could Be Making

Sometimes, if you are in a rush, items get thrown down pipes that just don’t belong there. To compound the issue, you try to remedy the situation with bleach, and that doesn’t work either. Here are a few other mistakes you could be making that will require a plumber to remedy:


Wrong Foods In The Garbage Disposal

Not all items can be put in the garbage disposal. The disposal unit cannot take items such as potato peelings, watermelon rinds, egg shells, or pumpkin carvings. Rice and pasta will expand when you place them in the garbage disposal unit.

You also need to find another place to pour grease and fat. The grease will go down when you rinse it with hot water, but it will congeal. You need to find a container to pour the grease into to avoid the clogging. Others believe pouring coffee grounds in the disposal is a good deal, but it can get caught in the trap of the unit. Bleach can also cause the blades and pipes to become damaged and leak.


Using The Toilet As A Trash Can

The toilet is for human waste and toilet paper. Many manufacturers boast that some items are flushable. According to the professionals, it is best to toss all other items into a garbage can. However, accidents happen, and you might find a toy or two missing in there if you look hard enough.


Pouring Bleach In Standing Water

Many people believe bleach will work through any clog, but it won’t. It is a toxic substance which can react with other particles found in the drain and release harmful fumes.


Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

Over the years, it was believed you should use a drain cleaner every time the drain got sluggish. Times have changed! With everyone concentrating on ‘going green,’ you can join the crowd, and add ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar to the drain clog. Let the foaming action do the work for you and clear the drain.


Yanking On A Faucet Handle To Stop A Drip

Frustration sets in when the spigot won’t stop dripping. Therefore, you jerk the faucet handle in every direction possible to stop the leak. You are taking a chance of breaking the handle and causing further damage to the unit when all it probably needs is a gasket.


Too Much Weight Placed On Plumbing Fixtures

It’s a fantastic feeling when you stretch out for a luxurious bath, and your feet are resting on the tub’s spigot. That is not made for a foot rest. Overloading a shampoo rack on the shower fixture is dangerous because many shower fixtures cannot support the additional weight. It is a high price to pay when either of the fixtures break and you need to call a plumber because the water won’t stop running where it broke from the extra weight.

These are a few of the most common mistakes you can make when it comes to the plumbing in your home. If you do end up with problems which you cannot find a solution, it is probably time to call in a professional plumber in Leander Texas.