Citrus Peels – The Secret Ingredient to a Clean, Fresh Smelling Garbage Disposal

Everyone could benefit from eating fruit more regularly, that’s certainly the case for me. And seeing how your health improves from getting more green stuff in your body, we all should add fruit to our diets daily. But did you know that fruit can also be a major plus for keeping your garbage disposal spic and span?


Nature’s Cleanser

It’s true! Taking a sliver of the peel from an orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit and running it through the garbage disposal can help keep it clean and smelling fresh, and works just as well as more harsh, store-bought cleaners. The secret to this method lies in the acidic properties of the citrus family, which act naturally to break down the gunk that likes to build up from all the other not-so-pleasant stuff we have to flush through there every day. So a combination of the pleasant smell of lemons, limes, and other citrus added to the beneficial impact that the citric acid has when spread around the device’s components helps to eliminate foul odors that might creep up. Reducing build up can reduce wear and tear, saving you from calling on your plumber in Leander.


Weekly Addition Benefits All

In terms of frequency, a couple of small slivers run through there once a week will do the trick and make a noticeable difference pretty quickly. And it also serves as a reminder for me to enjoy an orange or other fruit a little more often – for my benefit as well as that of the plumbing in my home.