California Calling – What We Do Away From the Plumbing World

Working as a small business owner is such a demanding and all-consuming responsibility. You have to love your work and stay dedicated to it everyday, in order to stay successful. Building Roger’s Plumbing into one of the most trusted home plumbing service and maintenance companies in Leander has been a dream come true from day one.

But everyone needs something to turn their attention to during their “off” hours, rare as they may be, to decompress and relax.


Enjoying The Outdoors

For me, my favorite hobbies involve the outdoors, particularly hunting deer and doves, among other types of game. I started hunting when I was in my early 20s and these days I manage to get out about three times a year. It’s something I really enjoy going out and sharing with my kids, and it’s nice to enjoy the solitude and camaraderie that comes with being out in the wilderness when you’re out hunting.


Wine Country Tours

Another way I love to relax is traveling with my wife, Serena. We enjoy taking trips to California in places like Laguna Beach, Palm Springs and Big Sur. Just like the trips outdoors, I love the fact that when we’re out there, there are no priorities and we can get unplugged from everyday life. We’re talking about taking some tours of wine country destinations on some upcoming trips, and that’s something I’m really looking forward to. But even during those most relaxing moments, if I’m being honest, it’s still rare that a day goes by during vacations when I don’t think at least a little bit about the Leander plumbing company that’s waiting for me when I get back to Leander.