4 Useful Pipe Maintenance Tips For Your Home Plumbing System

Just like the human blood circulation network, pipes are undoubtedly the most functional features in a typical home plumbing system. They carry clean water into the home and drain waste water into the sewer system. Just like veins and arteries, pipes are quite delicate and hence require proper care and maintenance. Incidentally, leaking pipes are ranked among the most common plumbing problems in a plumbing system. If ignored, leaking pipes can burst; usually due to high water pressure — causing costly home damages. To avoid such losses and maintain a tiptop home plumbing system, consider handling the following DIY pipe maintenance tasks regularly.


Monitor Leakages

This is the most basic and simple pipe maintenance responsibility for any homeowner. To ensure that your pipes are in excellent working condition, check the piping network for leaks and act fast to have them repaired. Acquaint yourself with both the exterior and interior piping network in your home. Follow the pipes and check for “sweating,” “dripping,” or damp walls, floors, and ceilings — especially in the basement. If you notice any signs of leakage (and you can’t fix it), call a local professional plumber immediately. Same goes for any signs of a sewer leakage, such as accumulated waste water in the basement, around the toilet, or pooling outside in the yard. For instance, if you are a resident in Texas and you notice a leak in your drainage pipes, contact any reliable plumbing company that is capable of providing sewer line repair in Leander. A timely fix will save you the inconvenience, property damages, and huge repair costs that come with messy pipe bursts.


Boiling Water Remedy

Many drain pipe problems are clog-related and can easily be solved using hot water. Like leaking pipes, clogged drains are also ranked among the most common plumbing problems. Mostly, clogged drains are caused by grease and gunk buildup in drainage pipes — usually on pipe bends/traps. If not fixed fast and satisfactorily, clogged drains can deteriorate to a hazardous level. Hot water is the easiest and most natural solution to clogged drains. Before you use any drain cleaners or call a professional plumber, pour reasonable amounts of hot water into your clogged pipes periodically. They might just open up and resume their flow.

If boiling water fails to unclog your drain, try unblocking with a plunger or with an enzyme drain cleaner. When it comes to drain cleaning, it is advisable to avoid using commercial chemical-based drain cleaners. These might corrode your drain pipes, or cause you or/and the environment physical harm.


Install Quality Pipe Sleeves

Austin Sewer Line Repair Pipe Sleeves 300x205

Pipe sleeves are protective pipe coverings that are used in building construction and plumbing system installation. They are quite affordable and come in many different styles and models. Before you move into a new house, check the quality and condition of the installed pipe sleeves — you might even find that the pipes are naked. Replace old, worn out, or low quality pipe sleeves with high quality ones to ensure that your piping system is hardy and well protected.


Antifreeze Drip On

Usually considered as an old-school tip than a technical plumbing solution, an antifreeze drip on involves turning on the faucets for a small drip to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting in very cold weather. A recommendable tip for extreme weather regions, a drip on is a proven preventive measure for frozen pipes. Monitor weather forecasts and then leave all faucets dripping slowly if a frost is expected.