3 Outdoor Plumbing Tips For Spring

Plumber In Austin Outdoor Water Spout

As you go around making your Spring Cleaning Checklist, in addition to cleaning – some check-ups might be in order, both inside and out! Walking around the house (and dreading that window washing chore), make it a point to check these plumbing maintenance highlights:


Clear Out Your Gutters and Downspouts

What’s that line from Jurassic Park? “Life finds a way”?

If blown dirt and gravel have made a nice little bedding area for seedlings to take root, you’ve got enough sediment in there for a serious clog. Blockages like that can lead to water damage, mold growth or costly leaks. Clearing out the winter build-up from gutters and downspouts will help you steer clear of these problems.


Perform a Sump Pump Test

If you don’t know what one is, you probably don’t have one. Sump pumps are as rare as basements in Central Texas, but every now and again we find one that needs repair. Besides, some gardeners use sump pumps as a way to distribute water or fertilizer onto their gardens. So, you can look at a sump pump as a way to remove moisture or spread it around where you need it.

If you do own a sump pump, now is a good time to test it. Pour some water into the pit. After a few seconds, the pump should start up, eliminate the water and shut off. If this doesn’t happen, you should call your friendly neighborhood plumber. Roger’s Plumbing, for example!


Check Your Outdoor Hose Faucet & Bibs

Sounds like a kid’s TV show you might find on PBS, doesn’t it? Simply put, a hose bib is an outside spigot, sometimes known as the wall hydrant. During a freeze warning, you might have put one of those protective blocks over it. Remove the block, if you haven’t already, and check to make sure no water has collected in the block. Make sure the spigot is dry and there are no drips. If you connect a hose to it, make sure the connection is firm and that you’re not going to spray more water from the faucet end than you are from the sprinkler end!

Speaking of hoses, we crawled all over the internet and asked around nurseries, and it seems the preferred favorite for this part of Texas is a rubber hose, preferably about 5/8” diameter. Vinyl hoses are not a good investment when it comes to withstanding our heat. They’ll crack, twist, break and kink, and nobody needs that!


Trust Our Top-Quality Plumbing Maintenance & Repair Services

Maintaining your outdoor plumbing is crucial. However, if you are in need of a professional plumbing repair or maintenance service or you have a plumbing emergency, call Roger’s Plumbing! Your neighborhood Cedar Park/ Austin plumber, Roger’s Plumbing is just a few clicks away! We’re here to serve, 24/7! Or call 512-842-4544!

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