Cold enough for you lately? Brrrr! A lot of Central Texas cannot stand the cold and hunker down until things thaw out. But spending much of the winter indoors outs a greater demand on your plumbing system. Even though your holiday guests are gone and the festivities are over, all that extra use could still have an effect on your plumbing. A few maintenance guidelines can help to keep your supply lines and drains running freely.

Grease and oil from cooking are major components of pipe sludge that causes clogs. Like that wouldn’t cause trouble enough, the problem can be amplified by the season. When drain pipes are cold in the winter, the sludge tends to congeal in pipes. Try to collect grease and oil in containers rather than pouring them down the sink. (That’s a good idea year ‘round – not just during winter!)
Cold weather puts a strain on water heater, too. Because water lines are chilled, the water supply entering the hot water heater is much colder and requires more energy and longer recovery time. To remedy that, pace out shower and bathroom times to allow the heater to bring the full tank of water up to the thermostat setting before you place more demand on the system. If the water temperature lags because of cold plumbing, try bumping up he water heater thermostat a few degrees. But to avoid a scalding hazard, turn the heater thermostat down a few degrees. It’s recommended you not exceed 125 degrees.
Finally, run the dishwasher overnight or at some other low-demand time to minimize stress on the water heater
If you run into plumbing difficulties, not just during winter but any time, we recommend you call a licensed professional. If we may make a suggestion…?

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