When You Greet Us With a Smile

All business owners should strive to be the best. They want to fix every problem, make every customer smile and do whatever it takes to set themselves apart from the rest. That belief is a big part of the Roger’s Plumbing mission, which is focused around three core concepts: we will deliver world-class service, we will exceed all expectations, and deliver to our customers more than we initially promise.


100+ Training Hours

There are many other steps we take at Roger’s Plumbing to outperform competitors and earn our customers’ trust. We provide our service agents with more than 100 hours of training and expert tutelage every year to keep their skills sharp, current and make sure they’re among the best in the field anywhere. That way, when they arrive to your home to diagnose your problem – professionally attired and with a mobile workshop equipped to handle just about any issue on the spot – you can trust they’re giving you the best possible solution options after they’ve diagnosed your plumbing issue.


Free Whole-home Inspection

Better yet, at Roger’s Plumbing we’d like you to know us outside of those times when you’re standing in water, desperately needing a plumber in Leander. This is why we offer a free whole-home inspection for free. That inspection lets us find those deep lurking issues before they blow up, saving you a whole lot of headaches. After all, we’re glad to be the aspirin for someone’s residential plumbing headache, but it’s great to see customers greet us with a smile.