When Loyalty is a Two-Way Street

There’s loyalty. And then there’s my favorite kind of customers, the raving fans! A loyal customer that I will always remember and cherish is a lady by the name of Laura C. who won a drawing we were doing years back. The prize for the drawing was a gift card, and when we notified her that she had won, we asked her if we could deliver it in person. Laura agreed.

When we arrived at her home, we got a warm greeting and way more than that: she gushed to our technician about the great service she received and how much she really appreciated our company. We asked her if we could take that opportunity to create a video testimonial since she was obviously on a roll!

Laura is one of those rare individuals who is so passionate about service, she didn’t hesitate to share her opinion with the world. When we drove to her house, she felt excited and lucky and winning. And we felt the same way when we drove away! Not only did Laura take the time to talk to us when we visited her home, but she allowed us to document the great things she had to say about Roger’s Plumbing.

We gave her the gift card because she chose us for her home service needs and won the drawing, but we never expected all of that back in return. Laura has returned to use over services many times since then and we are happy and humbled to serve her and all customers in our community.

You know what? When it comes to customers like Laura, we feel like WE’RE the winners!