When Looking For Business Leaders, Military Veterans Get The “Green Flag” At Roger’s Plumbing

When you’re running a small business, you’re always on the lookout for great people who can join the company as new employees and help make a difference right away. There’s no silver bullet secret for how to find great people, but one “green flag” we always notice and like to see is that a job applicant has military experience on their resume.

Austin Plumbing Service Veteran Leadership


Dedication Is Important

Here at Roger’s Plumbing, we don’t currently have any veterans on staff, but we are always open to bringing a former service member into the fold, because of the discipline and dedication that those folks have shown to our country. That‘s important, and something we take into consideration when trying to decide if someone has the character to go through the complete apprenticeship program. To get their card with the state of Texas, which takes about two full years, requires dedication, and so does the following two years to get a journeyman’s license.


Leadership Skills Count

Another definite plus of hiring veterans is that there’s a tendency toward great leadership qualities and an understanding of how to communicate effectively with coworkers to get the job done properly. I always love when a new hire shows the character qualities it takes to maybe be a team leader or an operations manager, and so I’m always looking for people with an ability to lead.


Continuing Education Is A Constant

Those who have gone through military training and years of service also have an appreciation for continuous learning and training, which is something we maintain a constant focus on. We are always keeping our Leander plumbing service staff up to date on the newest methods and technology in the residential and commercial plumbing business, along with zoning and code regulations.


Veteran Experience Is Appreciated

As business continues to boom here in Leander, with so many new residents and homeowners every day, our need for great new hires is an ongoing issue. We’ll be hiring in 2017 for sure and would love nothing more than to get some great veteran applicants looking to join our team and hopefully take on a large role for the future. If that sounds like you or someone you know, take action now and contact us. Hopefully, we can add some great military experience into the mix here at Roger’s Plumbing.