Too Often ‘DIY Plumbing’ Means Doing It All Wrong

The downfalls of many well-intentioned homeowners have begun with the words “I think I can handle that,” or “It can’t be that hard. Where’s my toolbox?” But take it from someone who gets plenty of calls from folks who have had to make a mad dash to the shutoff valves for their home’s water supply, residential plumbing issues are not amateur stuff.


We’ve Seen It All

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The most common do-it-yourself projects that we see go bad – and end up having to rush out on a repair call for – are people trying to replace or fix an outside faucet or replace  mechanisms like a water level control assembly in a toilet. Problems can pop up pretty much at any point you decide to start tinkering and it’s easy to accidentally twist a water line or do some other damage. And even if you avoid damaging equipment, there’s the likelihood that once you’re done installing and reassembling everything, it just won’t fit right and you’ll have a leak on your hands. I’ve seen problems pop up at every stage of those sorts of projects, and we get called out to fix those kinds of issues at least a few times a month.


Experience Matters

Because I’ve been in business as an Leander plumber for 22 years, I’ve seen just about every issue and disaster that can happen when a homeowner tries to address a plumbing problem themselves. As a master plumber – a certification that comes after eight years of experience and lots of training and testing of your skills – I can handle a long list of residential and commercial issues, and the tradesmen and journeyman we staff here at Roger’s Plumbing can handle any home issue, as well. It is obviously tempting to jump on the Internet, watch some YouTube videos showing how to do a repair yourself and decide to give it a try. And I’m sure lots of people do handle small issues on their own, but it’s never a bad idea to have our number handy, just in case things go wrong and water starts flying everywhere.