The Gratitude Goes On

Well, it’s been fun reviewing the year with our staff and finding out what everyone is grateful for this holiday season. So, before we break for Christmas and ring in another year, let’s finish up our team exercise of grateful co-workers.

Apprentice Graham writes, “I’m grateful for my family this time of year, especially my children. They make every day whole, if you know what I mean.” Yeah, Graham. I think we do.

He continues, “I’m grateful for my dog, despite that one time when Arrow ate his kennel.” Oooookay. Everyone keeps your arms and legs away from Graham’s dog Arrow! And let’s all chip in for some dog food! It appears this guy has an appetite!

What about co-workers, Graham? “As an apprentice, I usually accompany the other techs on plumbing jobs, and I always learn so much from Riley. He’s very patient with me and answers all my questions. I’m going to be a better plumber, thanks to guys like Riley and Stephen.” We LOVE it when everyone gets along and learns from one another!

“When I recall the year, I think back to grateful customers, like the family who had a tankless water heater, but no hot water. We went to their home and programmed their tankless model and installed some new PosiTemp cartridges.”

Any holiday plans? “This holiday season, stand back! I’m making my specialty: fried turkey!” Whoa! Don’t let Arrow in the back yard while you’re cooking that thing!


And now, a special announcement:

Roger’s Plumbing would like to give a special welcome to our NEW plumbing technician Gary!

2018 is going to be awesome! Remember, if you need us over the holidays for a plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate to call. We’ll be there faster than the down of a thistle!

Book online, as long as you’re here on our website! Or call 512-842-4544.