Problems That Can Lead to Pipe Repair and Replacement

Pipe Repairs Are Eventually Inevitable

The pipes used in your house plumbing are quite strong and are specially designed to last for a long period. Therefore, you would imagine that you will not have to spend money in solving any piping issues. Unfortunately, this might not be the case because there are numerous problems that can bring about piping issues leading to repair or even complete replacement. These issues can be dealt with if they are identified soon enough; hence it is of great importance that you prepare early just in case something happens. The following are some of the most common piping problems you are likely to encounter.



Pipes made of copper are mostly used since they are highly resistant to rust, which makes them more suitable for water piping compared to iron or steel. However, copper pipes are still prone to several types of corrosion. Formicary and pitted are the two most common corrosion types. Formaldehyde initiates formicary corrosion, which creates small holes through the pipe and damages it to the point of leaking or bursting. Pitted corrosion is mainly caused by excessive exposure to chlorine particles which also leads to leaks like in formicary corrosion. Both corrosions damage pipes to a great extent, and should be carefully examined and repaired before causing extensive damage to your pipes.



Blockages are another major glitch for your pipes, and can be brought about by many things. FOG (fats, oils, and grease) is among the most common causes of blockage in sewer pipes. Also, hard water can cause limescale formation in large quantities to seriously block water flow through the pipes. If your drains seem like flowing more slowly than usual, there might be a massive blockage in the system that requires unblocking.


Tree Roots

This is a major problem with the water and sewer main pipelines coming from the outside of your home. Tree roots naturally try to find the nearest water source, thus if you have grown trees in your compound that certainly signifies that you will have tree roots growing into your pipes in the long run. It is advisable to cut out these root systems from the pipes. If you decide not to remedy the problem early enough, you will end up with completely damaged pipes that are beyond repair, and thus you will have to replace them.


Lime Scale

Limescale is formed from hard water running through your pipes. Hard water contains a much higher mineral content level than the average amount. The mineral contents gradually accumulate on the pipe walls while the hard water runs through them. And after some time, the deposits restrict the flow of water. Just like the tree roots, limescale deposits can be removed from the pipe if they are discovered in time. However, if the limescale accumulation is very advanced, it usually becomes so hardened that it cannot be eliminated without damaging the pipe beyond repair.

If you realize that your plumbing system is clogged or damaged, you need to contact a reputable plumbing expert, like Roger’s Plumbing, to take care of the situation early, before it gets worse. Failure to do so will lead to severe damages, and you will have to dig deeper into your pocket just to get your plumbing system back to normal.