Sump Pump Installations & Repair in Leander, TX


Prevent Basement Flooding

When the ground becomes saturated with heavy rain, the water that the ground is not able to absorb often ends up in basements. Sump pumps are designed to pump the water safely out of the basement and away from your home to prevent flooding. Roger’s Plumbing provides Leander plumbing services to repair, maintain, and replace your pump.

Keeping Your Basement Dry in Austin

At Roger’s Plumbing, we offer repair and maintenance services for sump pumps in Leander. We check all working parts of the pump to make sure everything is working, including the float, impeller, and check valve. We will replace any components that are not functioning properly or recommend replacement if the pump cannot be fixed.

A Leander Plumber From Our Team Can Inspect Your Pump To:

  • Check for oil in the sump pit to make sure the pump is not leaking coolant
  • Look for any frayed connections or wires
  • Fill the sump pit with water to make sure it is turning on and off as it should
  • Inspect the water powered or battery backup system
  • Make any necessary sump pump repairs to restore the unit

Unfortunately, many people have no idea that there is a problem until the pump fails to work when it is needed. This can result in a flood and water damage to your home. We recommend checking your sump pump annually to ensure that it is working properly. We can send a Leander plumber to your home to inspect your sump pump to make sure it is working properly.

When The Pump Needs To Be Replaced

Even with proper maintenance, the pump will eventually wear out. The average lifespan for sump pumps is about 10 years. When your pump reaches the end of its useful life, it is better to replace it than to risk a flood in the basement. Roger’s Plumbing offers installation of high-quality sump pumps in Leander from highly skilled technicians. Our Straight-Forward Pricing Guide ensures that you will always be charged a fair price for your new pump.

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Our Customer Reviews

Chris Satisfied Customer
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Jim and Danny arrived right on time and diagnosed then fixed issues we had with an outside faucet and shower water pressure. Extremely professional and courteous these guys knew what they were doing and were very helpful telling me what they found and how it would be fixed, even providing other helpful suggestions. Very happy with the work quality and the pricing is fair. Will definitely use Roger’s as my go-to plumbing service going forward!
 Kyle Rutledge
Kyle RutledgeSatisfied Customer
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Roger's plumbing is great! I have used them twice now and both times they were friendly, Profesional, and punctual. No issues after they left either. Pricing seems in-line with most other services out there. I will definitely be using them in the future if I need anything. Jacob Z. Was my most recent tech to visit and I was very pleased with him. Efficient and friendly service is always appreciated.
Sharon Salone
Sharon SaloneSatisfied Customer
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Rogers Plumbing and Miss. Connie was very polite and helpful when it came to the plumbing problem and to be able to get someone out to my house. Orlando was so professional he gave me step by step detail of what he was going to do. and they dress so professional. He also was very courteous and he checked everything to make sure my drain was draining and flowing correctly. The prices at Rogers are very affordable and they give you the estimates over the phone I would recommend largest plumbing and Orlando to anyone that needs a plumber
Joel Artzt
Joel ArtztSatisfied Customer
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I've used Rogers Plumbing twice (for a change to a gas line for a kitchen stove and to clear a main drain line clog. For both jobs, Rogers assessed the situation, presented me with a written estimate, and then quickly and professionally completed the work. Jacob Z. was my tech on both jobs and he was articulate and professional. If you need plumbing help, I highly recommend Roger's.
 Shea Combs
Shea CombsSatisfied Customer
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I had a water pipe leak. Marcus and his team came to my house within a few hours (I had already turned off the water to the house). He was friendly and had exceptional communication skills. Prices were good. I did not feel pressured or feel that he was trying to "up sale" me. The work was done quickly and I have not had any more issues. I highly recommend Roger's plumbing. Ask for Marcus!!!