Sump Pumps


Prevent Basement Flooding

When the ground becomes saturated with heavy rain, the water that the ground is not able to absorb often ends up in basements. Sump pumps are designed to pump the water safely out of the basement and away from your home to prevent flooding. Roger’s Plumbing provides Leander plumbing services to repair, maintain, and replace your pump.

Keeping Your Basement Dry in Austin

At Roger’s Plumbing, we offer repair and maintenance services for sump pumps in Leander. We check all working parts of the pump to make sure everything is working, including the float, impeller, and check valve. We will replace any components that are not functioning properly or recommend replacement if the pump cannot be fixed.

Get Help Now

A Leander Plumber From Our Team Can Inspect Your Pump To:

  • Check for oil in the sump pit to make sure the pump is not leaking coolant
  • Look for any frayed connections or wires
  • Fill the sump pit with water to make sure it is turning on and off as it should
  • Inspect the water powered or battery backup system
  • Make any necessary sump pump repairs to restore the unit


Unfortunately, many people have no idea that there is a problem until the pump fails to work when it is needed. This can result in a flood and water damage to your home. We recommend checking your sump pump annually to ensure that it is working properly. We can send a Leander plumber to your home to inspect your sump pump to make sure it is working properly.


When The Pump Needs To Be Replaced

Even with proper maintenance, the pump will eventually wear out. The average lifespan for sump pumps is about 10 years. When your pump reaches the end of its useful life, it is better to replace it than to risk a flood in the basement. Roger’s Plumbing offers installation of high-quality sump pumps in Leander from highly skilled technicians. Our Straight-Forward Pricing Guide ensures that you will always be charged a fair price for your new pump.