Our Values Help Us Help The Right Customer, The Right Way, Every Time

There are certain things we will not compromise on at Roger’s Plumbing, and all you have to do is look our company’s Mission Statement to know where and what our values are.


Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to deliver World Class customer service to every one of our clients. We will exceed their expectations, deliver more than we promised and serve them for life.


Our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to serve our clients, our trade, and our community with a passion. Our aim is to provide the resources for the career development, personal growth and better citizenship to a team that exceeds our client’s expectations. Our goal is growth, annual profitability, and a permanent smile.


Solid Foundations

The mission and vision statements are basically the foundation on top of which we operate on a day to day basis, and we look back to them often when we’re involved with customers, vendors and more. We do not take it lightly. Our loyalty and responsibility rest with our customers.


Positive Results = Satisfaction

The mission statement comes into play when it comes to decisions on what kinds of repairs and product installations we’ll recommend for a customer, because we won’t give our support for any remedy that won’t result in the homeowner being completely satisfied when all is said and done. We stand behind the products we use and our work. We won’t use or do something that we feel won’t produce lasting results.


Making Reality Affordable

Because of that, we make sure to explain all the options available. Sometimes making the best solution a reality for our customers is a matter of being flexible on the payment options so that the customer can afford it. We never lose sight of the fact that we’re there working on what is most likely that customer’s biggest single investment, their home, and they expect us to do whatever we can to protect that investment.


Not Always the Right Fit

Austin Plumbers The Right Fit

Because of the values we live by and won’t flex on, we sometimes run into customers who we’re not the right plumber in Leander to handle their situation. That happens when they’re looking for a quick, easy and probably cheap fix that we know will wind up leaving them and their home in a worse situation down the road. Those customers might not realize it, but we make those decisions not motivated by money, but because we have the customer’s best interest at heart and only want to do what will be right for them in the long run. Essentially, sometimes band-aids won’t do the job, surgery is necessary.