Need A Gift? How About Over 1,300 Toilet Seats?

Plumber In Austin Toilet Seat Collector

So many of us look for a way to keep the relatives entertained when they visit for the holidays. And more than a few of us head for the Outlet Mall along I-35 between Austin & San Antonio. If we at Roger’s Plumbing might suggest an additional destination? Not the Alamo, not Riverwalk, but one of the highest-rated museum sites on many a travel blog. And it might be your last chance to see … (drumroll, please…) the Toilet Seat Art Museum in Alamo Heights.

That’s right, there’s a toilet seat art museum that has been going strong in the Lone Star State for over 50 years – but it’s now up for sale. The museum was started and is run by retired plumber, Barney Smith. Now, at the ripe old age of 96, Barney is offering someone else the chance to take over his title of “King of the Commode.”

For 53 years, Barney has been turning toilet seats into works of art! Each of the over 1300 seats is unique and tells its own story. Barney says that some of the seats can take him over 100 hours to transform!

Subject matter features Batman, Mardi Gras, Vietnam, Barbie, wasps, animal skulls, the Berlin Wall and the Olympic Games.

Thousands of curiosity-seekers from all over the globe take the time to phone and book an appointment for Barney to open his garage and show off his works – none of which, by the way are for sale individually.

You want the seats? You have to buy the whole museum, which – lucky for you – is for sale! Barney admits he’s getting a little long in the tooth to keep running the place. He would love to sell the collection to another museum and would be thrilled if it stayed in the same location.

Clorox heard about Barney’s collection and created a website to showcase the artistic toilet seats, and maybe generate enough interest that will help him find a buyer. You can check out the toilet seat designs on or on Barney’s Facebook page.

You know, as long as you’re out buying things that weekend, while not pick up this unique museum? It’s certainly one of a kind!