Leaky Pipe Quick Fixes

Having a leaky or burst pipe can wreak havoc in the mind and the building of any home or business owner. Water damage can call for costly repairs and replacements. Securing the pipe and reducing the amount of water escaping could help save you some money and sanity. There are a couple ways to hold your pipes together until a professional is able to come look at the problem. Knowing a few of these leaky pipe quick fixes will enable you to take control of a bad situation before it gets worse.



Tape is probably one of the most versatile tools we have to utilize to this day. It is also a good way to keep pipes together until an Leander plumber can be called and told about the situation. You can’t just use any brand of tape. You need to use tape that has a thick enough adhesive and enough strength to use pressure to hold that leaky pipe together until help can arrive. Make sure that you wrap the tape around the area that is directly affected. Keep wrapping it until you feel that there is enough pressure to keep the water leakage low.


Rubber Piece, Wood Block, and C-Clamps

This option is a bit more advanced than the previous one because of the need to use more than one tool. The c-clamp is said to utilize a more narrow area of pressure, so keep that in mind when thinking of using this option. To use a c-clamp, you must first remember to turn off the main water line because this could be difficult with it on and leaking. Place the rubber piece over the leak or crack and then place the wood block on top of it. Now, size your c-clamp so that the wood block and the pipe can fit in its clasp. Remember, when starting to clamp the pipe, put the stable part of the c-clamp on the opposing side of the leak. After this, tighten the c-clamp until there is enough pressure exerted to fix the problem. This should hold long enough for you to call your local plumbing specialist and have them come out for an emergency appointment.


Pipe Sleeve

The pipe sleeve is the easiest option of these three because the pipe sleeve is a tool that was created specifically for a problem such as a leaking or burst pipe. Unlike the previous method mentioned, the pipe sleeve could cover a very large area. The hardest part about using a pipe sleeve is finding one that fits the pipes you are working on. It is important that you try to have on hand pipe sleeves for every pipe and size in your home or business. This way you are prepared for any emergencies. To use a pipe sleeve, simply slide a closing material over the burst or leak and then slide the sleeve over it. From there, just screw the sleeve down and you’re done.

Being prepared for your next possible plumbing emergency is important for your finances as well as your sanity. Make sure to remember these quick fixes when you come across a leaky or burst pipe.