Fall To-Do List Includes Maintenance For You, Hiring For Us

Thankfully, the arrival of fall doesn’t bring a whole lot of worry for homeowners here in Texas when it comes to maintaining their plumbing system. Routine inspections and maintenance should be done as usual.


Fall Plumbing Preparations

Don’t forget about winterizing your outdoor spigots, as we do get a few nights where temperatures fall below freezing. It’s advisable to schedule a maintenance check on your hot water heater, since you’ll need more hot water available as the weather cools off in the winter. Maintenance steps you’ll want to keep in mind are a drain and flush to eliminate sediment and keep the unit at top capacity. Once those kinds of preventative maintenance steps are complete, there’s not a whole lot to worry about as winter approaches.


Growing Pains

On the business side for those of us here at Roger’s Plumbing, however, this fall sees us looking at the steps we have to take to get a new truck on the road – to put us back to three trucks in operation – and bring some new technicians on to our staff.


We Prefer Being Picky

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In the home services field, as an Leander plumber, ensuring we make the right hire is a critical move, so we’re going to be extremely careful and selective because we want to be sure our new people are the right fit. That’s hard to do right now, since there’s incredible demand for workers in a growing city like Leander and the surrounding areas. Our strategy on hiring is to find candidates with the right people and communication skills, and who are passionate about doing good work first and foremost. We know we can provide the training to make someone a quality plumber, so experience isn’t as important as finding the right mix of character qualities that we feel will make someone able to deliver a great service experience every time.


Getting Ready For Our Busy Season

We like to do some hiring in the fall because it lets us prepare for when things get very busy around the holidays and prepare for the big pickup in business that happens as February and March approach. If you feel you are what we are looking for, give us a call or fill our our form and submit your resume online at our website. We look forward to hearing from you!