A Leak’s Path Of Least Resistance Leads Straight To A Homeowner’s Checkbook

Perhaps you’ve seen an unusual wet spot on the floor, or one of your baseboards might be looking a little bit swollen. If you’ve noticed anything like that then it’s a sure bet your home has a leak somewhere that needs to be remedied right away, before it can cause damage in multiple areas of your home.


Leaks Can Run, But They Can’t Hide For Long

Austin Leak Repair - Moldy Wall

We all know that water chooses the path of least resistance, so water from a leak tends to run and settle close to its origin point. But that’s not the case 100 percent of the time, so there are visits where we have to play detective to try to trace the source of a leak. When we’re doing that, we look for things like discoloration on dry wall or sheetrock and bubbling paint. We also look through all of the cabinets, because it can be easy for a leak to hide, especially if it’s running through cabinets that don’t get opened all that often.


Foundation Inspections

Another clue, and a potentially much bigger problem come if there are cracks in corners around the home, as that indicates a crack in the foundation caused by a long-term leak. And if that’s what’s in play, the repair bill can climb into the thousands of dollars range, on top of whatever the plumbing crew has to do to fix the leak. One project we’ve been working on, with a recurring leak, has caused about one-third of the home’s sheet rock to be replaced.


Give Water An Inch, It Will Take A Mile

It’s amazing to think how much damage and disruption can come from something small and simple like some shingles blowing off of your roof and making an opening for a small leak. Roofs are actually an area of the home that can easily get tied into your plumbing needs, because if some roof vent flashing deteriorates or maybe squirrels do some damage to your soffit work, then all of the sudden rainwater has the opening it needs to get into your home and start causing all kinds of problems.


If You Suspect A Leak, Call Immediately

Even though there’s some bad news that typically comes with those kinds of service visits, please don’t hesitate to call our Leander Plumbing office if you suspect there’s a leak in your home. We’ll do what it takes to get you fixed up, staying dry, and keeping safe, as any home should be.