3 Unexpected Services Plumbing Companies Handle

Who do you call when you have a terrible leak in your kitchen that’s causing water damage left and right? The plumber, of course. Your local plumbing company has people specifically trained to handle accidents like these. What people don’t know is that some plumbing companies are capable of doing services that aren’t commonly associated with their business. After reading this article you might be better prepared if one of these incidents happens to you.


Sewer Line Repair

The sewer line is the most essential part of your plumbing. It keeps all of the bad smells and waste away from your house. Sewer line repair is a service that many people may not know their local plumbing company can handle. Sewer line repairs range in difficulty because of many different factors. The area in which digging is needed to reach the line is one of the biggest. If you notice a possible sewage leak, make sure to call your local plumbing company as soon as possible to handle sewer line repairs in Leander.


Gas Line Services

The next service that some plumbing companies include are gas line services. People generally don’t know that when they have a gas leak or need lines run, their local plumbing company is someone that they can call. Not all companies have this option. This is a service that might require a little research on your part. You will get the most direct answer to your question about gas line services if you call the company directly and speak with someone. Even if it’s not listed, it’s still good to call because they may have a master gas fitter that is certified to work on systems that they just don’t advertise.



Most people call their interior decorators to remodel their kitchen and bathroom. Funny thing is, that interior decorators then call the plumbing company to do the actual remodeling. When thinking of ways to make improvements to your bathroom or kitchen, make sure that you have a conversation with your local plumbing company. They will be able to go over your many options and generally have all the right permits to begin work on such projects. They generally know more about which fixtures will be more energy efficient, best fit for your needs, and will work well with the other fixtures and appliances in the area. Speaking to your local plumber before your renovation project begins will save time, money, and headaches.

These are a few of the things that your local plumbing company can offer but that you might not expect. Remember that calling them is the first step to finding out whether the problem you are having can be solved by them. Many times, they can help more than you realize.