Sewer systems are susceptible to lots of damages. From old age, tree root intrusions, and even debris buildups, sewer lines are damaged or blocked/clogged by many causes. Sewage backups are caused by all types of septic and sewer system problems. At Roger’s Plumbing, our teams of expert technicians are trained to inspect, repair, install, replace and maintain sewage systems. Having been in the Virginia plumbing and building and construction industry for over two decades, we have repaired and re-piped sewer systems for commercial and residential clients in a wide range of property layouts. Call us today for any sewer backup and we will respond ASAP.


Why You Should Call Us


Sometimes, sewer system backups can start as harmless drain clogs. At Roger’s Plumbing, we have seen all sorts of sewerage backups including sewer line clogs and septic system backups. Therefore, we advise you to consult us immediately you suspect or identify a problem in your sewer or septic system.

Whether it’s a minor drain problem or a serious issue like a raw sewage backup contact our customer care team immediately and we will send a team to check it out ASAP. Alternatively, you can consult our customer support staff to assess the severity of the problem. Do not worry, consultations are totally free — we even offer our clients a free cost estimate before starting to work on a project.


When To Call Us


Reach out to us if you notice any of the following problems, you might save yourself a lot of inconveniences and costly repairs by averting a potential sewage backup:

  • A strong foul sewage odor in your yard or seeping from your drains
  • Multiple drain backups in the toilet
  • Strange gurgling sounds in your toilet or drain pipes
  • Water pools on the basement floor
  • Waste water backup in the bathroom, toilet or sink drain.
  • Multiple drain clogs


In case you notice any of the following signs, call our emergency plumbing team immediately, you might be having a septic system backup, which is too serious to ignore. All these signs usually indicate a septic leak or breakdown.

  • Slow flushing/draining or totally clogged toilets
  • Pools of waste water near your septic tank
  • Lush vegetation cover near your septic system throughout the year
  • Sewage backup (smelly black waste water) in toilets and/or drain pipes
  • Weeds germinating in a pond near your home
  • Foul smells around the property

Call us immediately to prevent further physical damage to your property, to save on repairs and replacements, and to remedy a potential health hazard.


Causes And Our Solutions


Sewer backups are caused by a variety of problems including broken or clogged pipes and root intrusions. Sewer lines can get clogged at bends and corners due to grime and debris buildup. Old pipes and pipes made from poor quality materials can also get broken, damaged or even collapse leading to sewage leakages in the yard. Tree root intrusions can penetrate the sewer lines and clog or even burst the pipes as the roots continue to grow. Tree roots are attracted to pipe condensation and leaking pipes. They are able to slip in through tiny pipe cracks, holes or section joints and then to travel and infiltrate the sewer system in highly destructive way. Roger’s Plumbing technicians specialize in sewer line inspections and maintenance. We use high-tech cameras to inspect and diagnose underground sewer pipes in order to assess their health. After identifying a problem, we use various eco-friendly drain cleaning methods and implement a variety of repairs, installations and replacement techniques to fix the broken sewer system.

Call us today and let us help you fix your sewer system. We offer upfront pricing and guarantee 110% Customer Satisfaction.