Do you wish to replace, update or upgrade any plumbing fixture or installation in your home or office?  Just call Roger’s Plumbing to ensure that you get reliable and satisfactory services. Our team of plumbers is highly skilled and competent in all plumbing installations. We have been serving commercial and residential clients in Austin for over 20 years. With Roger’s Plumbing, you are guaranteed 110% Customer Satisfaction. Actually, our company specializes in plumbing installations and upgrades. Our expert team of plumbing technicians is available for service calls 24 hours every day.  We will test, configure and train on how to use or operate any new plumbing equipment we install. Additionally, our professional technicians can evaluate your plumbing needs and recommend an installation or upgrade to suit your system. We will work around your schedule, and treat you and your colleagues or family members with respect.

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Why Call Us


Roger’s Plumbing is not like any other plumbing company in the state. This is due to our unwavering commitment and dedication to enhance customer satisfaction. Roger’s Plumbing upholds a 110% Customer Satisfaction guarantee. Based on the founder’s vision of achieving unparalleled service excellence, all our staff is focused on providing superior technical services and excellent customer care.

At Roger’s Plumbing, we operate under the “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” policy. All our clients are supposed to pay only if they are completely satisfied with the quality of services provided; otherwise, no service charges. Our unique business approach has earned us a solid reputation within the plumbing industry as indicated by the high accreditation we have earned from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We also offer upfront pricing with no hidden charges and we promote fair pricing by basing all our service charges on the “Straight-Forward Pricing Guide.” All our workers are trained in social etiquette and professional ethics; hence they are courteous, patient, and socially impressive.


Our Plumbing Installations And Upgrades


We offer an extensive list of plumbing installations and upgrades. We install, repair, replace and upgrade various fixtures including faucets, toilets, showerheads and bathtubs. If you have any dripping, squeaky or faulty fixtures, call us for a replacement today. Faulty fixtures cause water leaks, which translates into higher water bills. Update your fixtures to raise your property value, enhance comfort and improve on energy efficiency. Save on your utility bills by requesting for an installation or upgrade in your home or office premises. You will also avoid any emergency breakages or faults, which can be very costly in physical damages and future repairs.

We also install and upgrade other home appliances and installations, such as water heaters, boilers, water dispensers, washing machines and dishwashers among many others. Upgrade from that old and inefficient appliance to reduce energy consumption in your home. You will enjoy lower operating costs, which offer significant energy savings in the long run. You will also be able to sustain your water or plumbing needs without straining.

Other plumbing installations and upgrades include sewer line installations and replacements to enhance the performance of your sewer system. You can also contact us for sump pump and garbage disposal installations and upgrades.

Call us today for an instant installation or upgrade. We handle all the major plumbing brands and we guarantee high quality services. You can even call us for our 24/7 emergency plumbing services — we will install and upgrade at anytime of the day, at no extra charges.