Plumbing problems can occur at any time of the day or night.  Depending on the nature and severity of the plumbing fault, you might need immediate plumbing services to mitigate the mess or contain the damage.  Such plumbing problems require emergency plumbing services/solutions.  At Roger’s plumbing, we know that some plumbing problems require immediate plumbing fixes.  That is why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to all our residential, business, corporate and institutional clients in all our service areas.  Unlike other plumbing companies that take too long to respond to a service call and then rip you off by charging extra for “overtime” services, we always do our best to serve you well during and past business hours.  We always respond as soon as possible and we do not levy extra charges for any emergency services provided. Call us today if you are having a bad plumbing day.


24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services


Roger’s Plumbing provides emergency services throughout the year.  Whether it’s on a holiday, weekends, or past midnight, just give us a call and we will come fix your plumbing problem ASAP.  As a professional plumbing company, we take pride in our work.  We provide prompt, reliable and affordable services any time of the day or night.  Call us today for any of the following types of plumbing emergencies:


  • Leakages
  • Drain clogging
  • Sewer system backups
  • Water heater breakdown
  • Frozen pipes
  • Water flow problems
  • Sump pump faults


And many more …….!


Why Us


Roger’s Plumbing maintains a team of expert plumbing technicians to handle emergency service calls at any time of the day in all our service areas in Texas.  In addition to being available on call, our technicians and customer support staff are always courteous, neat and competent.  Like in all our other business operations, our emergency services are also based on the “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” policy.  All our prices are based on the “Straight-Forward Pricing Guide” to ensure fair pricing and all our customers are offered upfront pricing to avoid any confusion.


110% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


At Roger’s Plumbing, all services are provided with an unwavering guarantee of 110% Customer Satisfaction.  Our company is committed to ensuring that customers are not only satisfied with the technical aspects of the service, but the interactivity aspect as well.  After joining our company, all workers are offered more training in all interactive customer care habits and behaviors.  To enhance the 110% Customer Satisfaction guarantee, our company operates under the “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” policy.  Under this policy, Roger’s Plumbing only charges clients, who are fully satisfied with the provided services.  In other words, if you are not happy with any aspect of our service, you are exempted from service charges.  The client considers both the technical prowess and social etiquette of the workers.  If you have an emergency plumbing problem, call on us immediately in order to enjoy the following benefits:


  • Competent, friendly, and professional team of technicians to fix your problem.
  • Exemplary emergency plumbing service with no extra charges.
  • Prompt response, efficient customer support and competent technical assistance.
  • Expert advice on how to prevent emergency plumbing faults in future.
  • Upfront pricing for all residential and commercial emergency service calls.


Call us today for fast and reliable emergency services at no extra charges.